Custom-made leather backpacks, don’t be tempted by low prices

by:JIYALI     2021-05-23
JIYALI is a manufacturer specializing in the production of luggage and leather goods, and has a full understanding of the leather goods market. We have inspected most leather goods manufacturers, and we have also learned the actual situation of these manufacturers after delivery, and generally reflect the following problems:

1 , The workmanship is rough, the raw materials are poor, and the service life is short.

2. The style is single, without any novelty and personality. 3. After-sales service is not in place. In response to the above three demands, before entering the leather goods industry, JIYALI set the service tenet: 'The quality is without compromise, the price is provided by the manufacturerBackpacks are cheap but not good.

Therefore, in the past 17 years, JIYALI has never catered to low prices in terms of product prices, but sacrificed quality and lowered service standards to cater to irrational customer needs. This is undoubtedly Suicide, and it is irresponsible to you. Companies need profits to survive, and products need profits to have service and quality assurance. Smart buyers will not be tempted by low prices. You know this better.

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