Crocodile leather handbag custom process

by:JIYALI     2021-05-08
Crocodile leather is also divided into three or six or nine grades, so the price of custom-made crocodile leather handbags is also different. The crocodile skin is the same as the diamond. The difference in size, color, and place of origin determines their disparity in value. Let's start with the best crocodile category. Porosus is the best grade of crocodile skin. Porosus is called the crocodile. It is the largest crocodile species. Porosus on the market is rare. This crocodile leather handbag is the most precious.

Although crocodile skin itself is a scarce resource, the skills and skills it requires in the process of custom-made handbag tanning are much more messy and difficult than usual skin types! Let's talk about the process from crocodile skin to custom-made handbags.

The first step is to remove the scales and soften it.

Crocodile skin is not as smooth as other skins. It has strong scales, so make it a luxurious handbag The first step must be to make it soft. Craftsmen will immerse the crocodile skin in water, soak alkali, re-ash, soften, salt washing, pickling acid and other messy chemical processes, which will loosen the scales and fall off, and the leather will swell and become soft. When the hard scales are completely gone, it will become more grainy and feel much softer.

The second step is to select skins, cut pieces, sew, and finish.

Crocodile skin selection is more stringent than usual. Crocodile leather handbags are made in the custom-made process, only crocodile leather with the same pores, markings and thickness are selected. Because of such strict selection criteria, a crocodile leather handbag usually requires 3-4 crocodiles to select the leather that meets the requirements. Then comes the cut pieces, the craftsmanship drills the same size and rigorously aligned pinholes, crafts the stitching of the cut pieces, airtight sealant, and then uses a specific mold to hold the discordant bag out of the front profile. Then a specific ironing tool is used to finish the leather. It is worth mentioning that because the crocodile leather has special markings and rich particles, it is more worrying than usual in the finishing process. The grain of crocodile leather is protruding and there are bones in it. After polishing, it needs to be sprayed with chemical agent and polished again to ensure that the custom-made crocodile leather handbags have a three-dimensional texture and a delicate feel.

The third step, tanning

Tanning is to remove all the fat, moisture, salt, and impurities of the crocodile skin itself, make it easy to retain, and allow the leather to swell appropriately. It becomes moderately hard and easy to shape, and even for some crocodile leather, botox or chromium is tested, which makes it lighter to the touch, more flexible, and waterproof, just as soft as a woman's face.

The fourth step is retanning, fatliquoring, dyeing, and polishing.

After removing the pigment fat of the crocodile skin itself, the skin becomes dry and dull. In order to make the thickness and color the same, the craftsmen must open their fiber channels to evenly soak the colors and waxes, so that the leather has a deep color, a firm feel, and a natural luster. In this type of link, the production of shiny crocodile leather and matte crocodile leather is different, and the latter is more difficult. Small flaws in the sewing process of shiny crocodile leather can be corrected in tanning. The matte crocodile leather is more difficult to handle. Once the color is found to be uneven during the dyeing process, it cannot be corrected and the entire leather will be screened. Therefore, the custom-made quotation for matte crocodile leather handbags is becoming more and more expensive.

The fifth step, cutting, edging, sewing, packaging

The first four steps are to process the crocodile skin to obtain a complete crocodile skin, and then customize it through the female bag The crocodile skin is opened on the paper grid, then oiled and sewn, and finally the molded bag is packaged.

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