Croatia wants to invest 274 million euros to develop the leather industry

by:JIYALI     2021-07-30
It is reported that the Croatian Ministry of Economy, Labor and Enterprise issued the first national development strategy and implementation project of the textile and garment industry (2008-2015) and the national development strategy and implementation project of the leather industry (2007-2015). The strategy shows that the government will provide incentives, but at the same time the implementation of specific projects will also rely on the company’s own funds and bank loans. The government will provide 2 billion kuna (approximately 274 million euros) of financial support, of which 40% will be used In the research and development department. As the average wage of employees in the textile, clothing and leather industry is the lowest among all industries in Croatia, the number of employees is gradually decreasing; coupled with competition from related industries in the Far Eastern countries and regions, the development of the textile, apparel and leather industry in Croatia is facing more difficulties.
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