Clutch brand rankings, these are good

by:JIYALI     2021-06-27

The clutch bag is a type of bag that many people use now. Although this bag may not be convenient to carry, but in some occasions, it is really impossible to do without it, so which ones are better Can you recommend a brand of clutch?

Clutch bag brand rankings

1. Seven wolves clutch

2, Bostendon clutch

3, Zhenao Kangaroo clutch< /p>

4, Shachi Clutch

5, Bell Clutch

6, Cardinal Crocodile Clutch

7, Clutch in thousands of poses

8, camel clutch

9, scarecrow clutch

10, crocodile shirt clutch

What brand of clutch is good?

1.BCBG Max Azria is the designer's brand of the same name, and it is generally referred to as BCBG in China. Founded by designer MAXAZRIA in the United States in 1989, BCBG is taken from the original meaning of French 'Bon Chic, BonGenreMax Azria, who has been designing women's clothing in Paris for 11 years, hopes to combine European design style and American lifestyle to meet the desires and needs of modern women. Main business: women's clothing, dinner clothes, denim series, shoes, handbags, glasses, swimwear and jewelry, men's clothing and other products.

2. Zhennice Clutch. The company distributes wholesale wallets, key cases, card cases, and suitcases that sell well in the consumer market and enjoy a high position among consumers. The company and many retailers Businesses and agents have established long-term and stable cooperative relations. The company distributes a wide range of wallets, key cases, card cases, and suitcases at reasonable prices. Guangzhou Zhennishi Trading Co., Ltd. has strong strength, respects credit, abides by contracts, guarantees product quality, and has won the trust of customers with its multi-variety operating characteristics and the principle of small profits but quick turnover.

3.In 1981, the Freda family opened the first (Scarecrow) MEXICAN specialty store near the 'ZLALO' square in Mexico City (MEXICO.CITY), Mexico, including belts, wallets, purses, smoking sets, luggage , Socks and casual wear. The product style is casual, full of personality, and the price is very cheap. This kind of parity business philosophy and the highly personalized 'scarecrow' logo are deeply loved by local people. In 1988, with the continuous development of chain stores, the original factory located in Freda’s hometown could no longer meet the growing consumer demand. CEO Freda Minjeou set his sights on the increasingly mature manufacturing industry. China orders leather products from Chinese companies through OEM. As a result, leather products made in China have continuously flooded into the Mexican and North American markets through 'Scarecrow' brand stores. And 'Madein china

How to choose a clutch bag

1. Age matching

MMs of different ages have different views on fashion. Post-80s and post-90s There are big differences. The style of the bag should first match your own age group, so that people will not feel uncoordinated; even if the style of the bag is good, you should first consider whether it is suitable for your age. . In addition, consider whether the color of the bag is in harmony with the age. The style is mainly reflected in the requirements of the age group, which most people should feel.

2. Combination of occupations

Different occupations also have different choices of bags. OL can choose simpler styles; this can highlight their own taste; often go out, you can choose The more casual bags are more energetic. If you need to meet customers frequently or need to bring some information, you can choose a practical bag. Here is a point: you should buy at least two professional bags for yourself, which will have a good effect on improving the overall impression of others of you.

The difference between a clutch bag and a wallet

Difference 1: The purpose is different

The clutch bag is mainly used to carry small objects or for concave shapes, but Wallets are used to store banknotes and bank cards. The two uses are completely different and should not be used as a kind of article.

Difference 2: Different features

The aesthetic value of clutches is more valued by many people, such as fashion and fashion sense, while the practical value of wallets is more important, such as sturdiness and durability. . The two have different characteristics, so the designs are different.

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