China's leather machinery products are exported to Vietnam in large quantities

by:JIYALI     2021-08-15
Vietnam urgently needs a large number of advanced machinery and equipment, and the local industry is still in its infancy. 90% of the machinery and equipment need to be imported from abroad. Machinery and equipment are relatively special exhibits, which are positioned differently from ordinary consumer goods, and belong to the production of value-added expensive durable goods. However, Chinese machinery products are more suitable for the development needs of the Vietnamese machinery market at this stage than similar products in other countries in terms of price, quality, and service. The Chinese machinery brand is now generally accepted by the Vietnamese machinery market and is relevant locally. The industry enjoys a very high reputation. After two decades of reform and opening up, China has developed into a modern industrial country, with quite mature technology, craftsmanship and successful experience in industry. China's machinery products have reached the world's advanced level. Compared with similar products in Europe, America and Japan, Chinese machinery has a great advantage in terms of performance and price ratio. Usually, the price of buying a mechanical equipment produced in Europe, America and Japan is equal to the entire production line of similar equipment in China. The price. Vietnam's demand for machinery and technology is very strong, while the local industry is still in its infancy and cannot meet the needs of social development. More than 90% of machinery and equipment need to be imported from abroad. This is a rare development opportunity for our country's machinery enterprises.
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