Can the wallet be thrown away? Pay attention to throwing a wallet

by:JIYALI     2021-07-15

Although the purse is small, the knowledge in it is great. Whether it is the color or throwing away when it is old, there are a lot of particularities. Everyone should pay attention to it. The following editor on No.5 tells you can you throw away the wallet?

Can the wallet be thrown away?

Don’t throw away the original wallet if it is useless.

In China, there are actually many people who think that throwing away their wallets means abandoning their wealth, which is very unlucky. In fact, it makes sense from the purse feng shui theory. According to the purse feng shui theory, in fact, every wallet lives in a god who resembles the God of Wealth. He will go out to collect wealth for us, so just use the old wallet. Abandoning is very unlucky.

The most appropriate way is to put some old bank cards, non-circulating banknotes or coins in the old wallet, hold them up to the full, and then put them in the containing box and keep them properly. Take its homonym 'consummation'. Legend has it that the God of Wealth has been caring for the old wallet. Only when the old wallet is properly handled, will he be willing to move into our new wallet to continue to attract wealth and bring good luck to us.

Why can't I throw my wallet?

'Golden Holder' means 'rich man' in Japanese. In the Japanese mind, wallets cannot be handled casually.

They think that cherishing their wallets will attract fortune; throwing away old wallets casually will not be favored by money in the future, and there is a risk of losing money!

In China, there are actually many people who think Throwing away your wallet is to abandon your own wealth, which is very unlucky.

How to choose the color of the wallet

For women, pink is the best, because it is the color of love. Add fan to money and express love for him (money), and the source of money must be guaranteed. 'Back to fans

Peach or red is the same as pink, which can help you attract peach blossoms, and at the same time it (the opposite sex) will also make you rich.

Light yellow and yellow are also good, because golden yellow is the same as gold and money. It represents wealth. People who often invest in large projects usually choose yellow wallets, hoping that lucky yellow can help in their careers. But yellow's ability to gather money is slightly worse.

How to care for the wallet

1. Use the lotion to rub the leather surface two to three times

The lotion is a chemical thing, which is easier to block the pores of the leather. Bilizhu should pay special attention to the maintenance of high-end leather goods. It is best not to use that thing. It can only be harmful and not good for a while. When the pores of the leather are blocked, it will shorten the service life and the leather is easy to crack.

2. Spray the surface of the leather with bright oil

Generally speaking, I think this step can be omitted, because my own experience does not think it is necessary, the so-called bright The oil is actually the varnish in the automatic spray paint. It is a layer of paint on the surface of the leather, but it is still a chemical thing. I will only choose it for comparison works. A thin layer is used to ensure the dyeing effect. This is also necessary at the end of drawing a sketch. Spraying a protective film means one thing.

3. Apply maintenance oil

Here are some small instructions. There are two very good recommendations for maintenance oil, both of which are selected by top Japanese masters. One is beef foot oil. One is Japanese mink oil. After the beef foot oil is applied, the original color leather will be darker, and the mink oil will not change the color of the leather. The reason why these two things are good is that they are natural animal oils, which are most easily absorbed by the cowhide and maintained. It takes about half a year to do it, don’t be happy and just go for it. The change of leather color is the accumulation of time, and it is a kind of expectation. It will be more natural to ask time to change it.

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