Can the wallet be given away? What are the special features of the wallet?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-14

Wallet is something that we often use, so it has become the first choice for many friends to give gifts. Today, the editor of No.5 will introduce to you. Can a wallet be given away? What are the specialties about sending a wallet?

Can you give away your wallet?

Sending your wallet usually means you give your 'money bank' to someone else. For those friends who have given away your wallet, think about it for yourself, will you have a bad fortune in the future? Or a serious leak? or Can’t collect the money in time? Remind you to be cautious in sending your wallet. Of course, it’s not a big problem between husband and wife and lovers, because his money is yours, so it doesn’t matter. Sending wallets between husbands and wives also has the meaning of skin-to-skin dating and congeniality.

Can I change my wallet frequently?

I heard that the newer the wallet, the easier it is to gather money. A wallet will run out of luck if it takes two or three years at most, so say your wallet It’s best to change it for two or three years if it’s not broken (what a good excuse to buy, buy, buy, girls).

There is another saying that long wallets will gather wealth more than foldable wallets. It is said that a Japanese has conducted a survey and 95% of the wealthy people like to use it. Long wallet (this person is boring enough, haha), think about it, money is bent over in the wallet every day, can't get stretched, how can I happily gather fortune? Anyway, I believe it.

How do you put money in your wallet?

This sounds a bit strange, everyone does it? In fact, it’s also very particular. After buying a new wallet, it’s best to put the big money first. Put a few banknotes in the wallet to familiarize the wallet with the taste of money; keep the money neat and clean, unify the up and down direction of the banknotes in the wallet, and develop a habit; often replace the dirty old banknotes in the wallet with new banknotes ; When paying money, be sure to be polite and keep the front of the bill facing the other party.

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