Can the purse be sun-dried? It may become hard

by:JIYALI     2021-07-23

Maybe for many girls, the bags are different throughout the year, so for the new bag that needs to be changed when the season changes, we may find that it has a musty smell after being stored for a long time, then the leather bag Can it be dried?

Can the leather bag be dried?

No, the sun will cause the leather bag to become hard.

Bathing in the sun will make the Jialijiapi simulating oil volatile and lose the leather, which will cause the leather to harden. When you store your leather bags, use Jialijiapi simulating oil for maintenance, and apply more, so that it will be like people's cooking oil to achieve a non-stick pan. The leather simulating oil will separate the leather from the moisture in the air. It will not stick to the moisture in the air, so even in a humid environment, the leather will not be damp, and will not be moldy.

Why can't the leather bag be dried?

If the leather bag is exposed to the sun, it will fade, deform, and damage the leather. If it is exposed to the sun in hot weather, it will burn the leather or crack the leather, and the edge oil will soften or even melt.

How to deal with moldy leather bags

1. Put it in a ventilated place, cool and dry, or turn on air-conditioning to dry. Please note that the leather must be dry, otherwise it will continue to mold;

2. After drying, use a cloth on the back of the leather and pat outwards to vibrate and fall off the mold ash;

3. Use a wool brush or a soft, clean, non-marking cloth to remove the mold on the surface of the leather. Ash;

4. Use a soft, clean, non-marking cloth, wring dry with damp water, and wipe the leather surface;

5. Apply a cleansing product that simulates the oil formula, and scrub thoroughly with a brush For pores, crevices and other dirt on the surface of the dermis, wash the cloth and change the water to ensure that it is clean;

6. Apply Jialijiapi simulant oil, the amount is about 30ml per square, and store it after drying. It will get moldy.

How to store the leather bag

1. Before storing, clean it according to the label in the bag, and then put a clean shredded paper ball or cotton jersey in the bag. Keep the shape of the bag.

2. Store the bag in a moisture-proof and dust-proof storage box, or put it in a soft cotton bag, and put it in the cabinet. If you choose the latter, you need to avoid improper squeezing of the bag. Deformed.

3. The cabinet for storing leather bags must be well ventilated. A cabinet with shutter doors is better. At the same time, it is best not to put too many items in the cabinet.

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