Can luggage manufacturers design styles for free

by:JIYALI     2021-05-10
When it comes to customized luggage styles, different customers have different requirements for customized luggage styles. Sometimes luggage manufacturers have to design new styles according to customer needs to meet customer needs. So, can luggage manufacturers design styles for free? This issue is also of concern to many people, especially those customers who need customized luggage and bags are more concerned about the level of design costs. Now, let's take everyone to understand and understand the related issues of luggage design.

The design of custom luggage styles is not a simple matter. First of all, it is necessary to require the luggage manufacturer to have a professional luggage designer. If the manufacturer does not have a professional luggage designer, then the design is unique and meets customer needs It’s impossible to have a good luggage, so whether to have a professional luggage designer is also an important part of investigating the strength of the manufacturer.

Can luggage manufacturers design customized styles for free? For this problem, each manufacturer’s regulations are different. Generally speaking, if the manufacturer is equipped with a professional design Teacher, in the early stage, as long as a certain deposit is charged for the design fee, the luggage manufacturer can help the customer design the luggage style. When the customer places the order, the manufacturer will generally refund part or the full amount of the previously collected design deposit. If the customer does not place an order, the deposit collected before will be refunded. In addition, the luggage styles designed by the manufacturer are copyrighted, and the customer can not use the design drawings indiscriminately. The luggage manufacturer will also sign with the customer before helping the design. Relevant contracts to guarantee their own rights and interests.

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