Can I use blue for my wallet? How about blue wallet

by:JIYALI     2021-07-15

When choosing the color of the wallet, there are many particulars. In addition to choosing according to your own preferences, you also need to know some particulars about this aspect. The following editor on No.5 will tell you about the wallet can use blue?

Can I use blue for my wallet?

The blue five elements belong to water. It is best not to buy a purse of this color, because the blue five elements belong to water. If you often use this color wallet, your money will look like Water flows away, which is very detrimental to wealth. However, if the horoscope is preferred to use blue, it will be another anthology.

Blue is a symbol of the ocean, meaning water. Using a blue wallet means that you spend money like running water, uncontrollably and indefinitely.

Pay attention to the choice of wallet color

First of all, with the continuous improvement of people's taste and pursuit, the color of girls' wallets has gradually abandoned the traditional thick and simple black and brown, and even boys' wallets. It also gradually develops towards beautiful colors. For office girls, beautiful but not fancy purse colors have become popular colors, such as apricot, pink, light purple, beige and so on. So for girls, especially girls in big cities, don't let others say that they are rustic. It is best to choose some vibrant and fashionable colors as the color of the wallet. Don't ignore the small accessory of the wallet, it reflects the fashion and taste of a girl.

Secondly, what color wallets are good for girls should also be considered from the perspective of Feng Shui. In my mind, this is an aspect that many girls care about, although they don’t confide in them, because no one wants the wallets they buy to be loose money bags. Although you might say that this is an antique and superstition, when others say yours When the color of your wallet is the color of wealth, don’t you bother? Then from the perspective of feng shui, what color should be used for girls’ wallets? Red is the most undesirable. Money is like running water, and white represents poverty and poverty. The above three colors are the most undesirable. Traditional black and brown have the effect of keeping money, but the effect of attracting money is relatively small. From the perspective of feng shui, yellow represents the color of wealth. It is the color of fortune and keeping wealth, and it is very suitable for the color of the wallet. Therefore, the ancient kings of our country have a soft spot for yellow. In addition, pink, representing peach blossoms, has the meaning of attracting peach blossoms, and also has the effect of attracting wealth, especially by attracting the opposite sex to bring wealth.

The meaning of the different colors of the wallet

A. White: White represents cleanliness. It is a color that is not suitable for wallets. It is not very helpful to the fortune of wealth. On the contrary, it is easy to spend money. If you like to use white for hitting the five elements, the above situation will not occur, but the more you use it, the more you use it.

B. Yellow: Yellow can attract wealth and is good for wealth, but it is not suitable for people who avoid yellow. Please pay attention to it!

C, Mei Red and peach: Plum red and peach red both represent the meaning of peach blossom luck, so if you want to do peach blossom luck, use these two color wallets more, but the ability to gather money is a bit weak.

D, black: black represents calmness, can hold money, that is, gather wealth, not easy to lose money. However, people who are avoiding black are not suitable for use, and it is easy to lose money if they use it.

E. Red: Red stands for booming and is the most lucrative color, but it also means that it is easy to spend money. There is also a saying that red represents a deficit, so many people do not like to buy red wallets. In fact, this is a misunderstanding.

F, blue: blue represents water, which means that money will flow away like water. It is also a color that is not suitable for wallets, but those who like to use blue will gather money instead. Flowing water, the more you gather, the more you use it, the more prosperous it is.

G, coffee color or brown: coffee color and brown also have the meaning of keeping money, and can also gather wealth, so many leather wallets on the market are mainly based on these two colors.

How to choose a wallet

To choose a wallet, the most important thing is to choose a wallet that suits your identity and reflects your personality. We analyze it from the following two aspects:< /p>

A. Wallets are commonly used things. Naturally, practicality is the highest principle. When choosing a wallet, no matter the style, quality, brand, number of layers of cards, and the spacing inside, you should Is the focus of consideration.

B. Compared with a simple coin purse, a style that integrates a key case and a coin purse is more suitable for you who emphasize practicality. It can store small items such as keys and coins, which is also modern The capable image of women.

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