Can I send a bag on Mother's Day? What kind of bags are good for Mother's Day in 2017?

by:JIYALI     2021-06-23

Seeing that Mother's Day is coming soon, mother is the greatest person in the world. On this special holiday, should we give our mother a gift to express our hearts? So, can I send a bag on Mother's Day? What kind of bags are good for Mother's Day in 2017?

Can I send a bag on Mother’s Day?

The annual Mother’s Day is approaching. How to convey love and blessings to the greatest woman in the world?

Whether it is a new mom, a veteran hot mom or a distinguished grandmother-level mother, apart from taking care of the family business life with ease, of course, he must appear in a beautiful and fashionable style, one that can be filled with love A bag that can be decorated with fashion and enhance charm is definitely the best choice for you to give to your mother!

What kind of bag to give for Mother’s Day

1, middle-aged one-shoulder messenger bag

The workmanship is very exquisite, the hardware accessories are very good, and it is very high-end An atmospheric bag, and the embroidered place is also very delicate. The rich and elegant royal blue color is very positive. It will definitely give mom a big surprise, whether it is given to her on this Christmas or Chinese New Year. Very cost-effective~

2, middle-aged one-shoulder diagonal mommy bag

This bag is also a beautiful fan, and it is very young when given to mom’s back~ Whether you choose red or black, or even off-white, it’s very fashionable. With a coat and long skirt, even your mother can turn into a fashionista in Europe and America. The New Year party or something will definitely make her shine in the eyes of everyone. La~

3. Mom’s one-shoulder fashionable European and American pillow bag

The crocodile pattern has always been my favorite. I have also bought it for Mom before. It is very European retro style. Noble quality, fine and clear texture, extensibility and flexibility, full gloss and rich texture, making the taste of love longer, don’t you have to buy one and give it to mom~

4, middle-aged and elderly One-shoulder hand carry big bag

Adopt imported high-quality wear-resistant fabrics, exquisite workmanship, fashionable high-end design, whether it is hand-held, single-shoulder, or diagonal, it is very suitable, and very suitable for mothers. Her age, fashion and versatile, let her elegant temperament appear from the inside to the outside, it is highly recommended.

5. Mom’s portable messenger bag and shoulder bag

Owning this bag allows mom to be fashionable and able to attend any place It has become the focus of everyone and attracts countless eyes~ The high-quality materials and fine workmanship make this bag almost close to a work of art, and the whole body exudes an artistic atmosphere, which is enough to make my mother smile~

6. Simple and large-capacity middle-aged mother's bag

High-quality light gold hardware, bright color, long-lasting as new, using multi-process polishing and polishing, will not fade, it is the finishing touch to improve the quality of this bag The pen, the bottom of the bag is flat, the corners are wide and stylish, and the superb splicing technology enhances the overall texture of the bag. It is worth starting!

7. Simple middle-aged female bag mother bag

This bag has a brand-grade feeling, high-end skin-friendly PU fabric, bright color and atmospheric, easy to care for, bag Fashionable design, retro and elegant, detailed processing is perfect and stylish, low-key but luxurious, refreshing, it is a must-have item for mothers to go out and dress up!

8. Middle-aged mother's portable patent leather simple bag

The simple and stylish gorgeous texture bag has always been a style favored by fashion circles. It is stylish and casual, no matter you Her mother is an elegant, fresh, or straightforward female character, both of which are popular styles among mothers, so hurry up and start with one and give her a big surprise!

Recommendation of 2017 new light luxury bags

1. Chloe faye

Chloe faye's bag is really very beautiful, 17ss Fan Ye has the same color matching The series is getting better and better, and it is not just to find two colors together or to match the colors. The design of the brand has taken a lot of effort from the designer. It can only be described as a high-end atmosphere and high-end grade. This new color is stylish and has a little bit. The first-layer calfskin of the stable origin is not exaggerated or artificial, and the texture is particularly natural and casual, with a French effortless spirit!

Second, Loewe Puzzle Bag

Loewe-Loewe-Puzzle Bag popular in the fashion circle is shipped in color matching, and the same style of Left Bank Xiao is for imported Spanish calfskin (leather The soft and soft feeling is super couple models. The leather material is precisely cut so that it can be folded naturally! It can be hand-held and slanted (multiple uses). The long shoulder strap and the removable textile lining are worth recommending~

3. BOYY bobby series bag

This BOYY bobby series bag is the favorite of major fashion bloggers and celebrities recently. The bags in this series are made of high-quality leather, carefully hand-made, and are iconic The shape of the bag is like a wide belt on the body of the bag. With this intuitive and special design alone, it is 100% recognizable. Everyone likes to call it a 'belt bag'.

If you don’t want to take the street The bag has become a passerby. I will definitely choose a niche brand that will not bump into the bag and still be glamorous. I recommend a large single-layer double-handle;

four, Michael Kors tortoiseshell bag

Michael Kors tortoiseshell bag! A classic! The hardware can not be afraid of any close-up of lights! Recommend a small size, look at the celebrity fashionistas to shoot~~~

5. St.Marc bags by MARCJACOBS Series

MARCJACOBS will launch the latest St.Marc bag series in this autumn and winter! The bag body is equipped with eye-catching double J Logo and wide shoulder straps, which are both fashionable and revealing a retro flavor. Suitable for all kinds of St.Marc of the occasion, did you plant another grass in your heart? There are bags in multiple colors~

Six. Moschino capsule backpack

Moschino capsule backpack! Brand new! The Capsule series is so hot! From T-shirts and sweaters, to dresses, sports suits, canvas shoes, this series is vividly interpreted by fashionable celebrities from all over the world! It can definitely make you different from the others.

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