Can I put photos in my wallet? The meaning of putting photos in your wallet

by:JIYALI     2021-07-12

Nowadays, many people like to put photos of their close people in their wallets, which can be seen every time they open their wallets, which is very meaningful. The following editor on No.5 will tell you about putting photos in your wallet, okay?

Can you put photos in your wallet?

In fact, for safety reasons, don’t put photos in your wallet. First of all, you rarely pay for the photos and then take the money to others. People who really want the photos can just keep them separately Secondly, if you lose your wallet or... it’s easier to leak personal information on the photo, the consequences are hard to say... If you can protect the security of your wallet, then it is also recommended that you take a family portrait and love your home.

In most cases, as long as you open your wallet, you will easily see a face, a face you care about. Under 15 years old, most of them are their idols; 15-20 years old, learn to look at yourself lovingly; 20-30 years old, lover, lover, partner... Do you have photos in your wallet?

Who's the best photo in the wallet

1, lover. When a man is willing to put a picture of a woman in his wallet, everyone knows what she means to him. In the same way, knowing that one's photo is lying in another person's wallet and being watched admiringly is a kind of happiness.

2, kids. It can be said that this is the most options for wallet photos. A father or mother’s wallet quietly contained a child’s cutest photo. When it was fine, it was taken out and flipped through. All fatigue, tension, unhappiness or restlessness was thrown out of the sky. Children are always the most effective way to soothe their parents' souls.

3, myself. Just put your own photos, if it's not that no one else can put it, that is, you haven't got enough love yet. In the past, there was a group photo of the two of us in my wallet. After we broke up, the position of the photo was empty, convex, dazzling and piercing.

4. Family portrait. Few people put photos of their parents in their wallets, even if they appear, they are in the form of family portraits.

5, idols. When I was young, who has never had an idol of my own? From Weng Meiling in the 1980s to the super-girl who has become a mess nowadays, they may all become treasures of youth memories.

How to choose a wallet

One smell: I want to tell you all, all genuine leather bags have the smell of leather and dyes. Of course, there are exceptions, but that There are only two cases, one is which bag is not made of genuine leather, and the other is that the leather of that bag is super good, and the dye is also imported.

Second look: The skin itself will have small holes, just like our own skin, there will be very small holes, you can still see it carefully, and artificial leather is Without these small pores.

Three touches: The leather itself is tough and elastic, especially cowhide. Tenacity and elasticity are not even mentioned. Therefore, when you get a leather bag, you must be careful If you touch it, you will find that the bag is very elastic and smooth to the touch, which means that the bag is genuine leather, and artificial leather does not have such toughness and elasticity.

Wallet maintenance method

1. Pay attention to frequent maintenance of the wallet. Plan to keep it clean once a week. A clean towel will wring out the water if it is soaked in water. Use force, repeat a few times for light wiping, and frequent maintenance will not cause more serious pollution.

2. A clean soft cloth dipped in toothpaste or facial cleanser is spread on the surface of the wallet that needs to be cleaned. Then you can dip a little bit of water, wipe it clean gently, and finally use another piece Treat the surface with a clean soft cloth. You can also put a little leather brightener on a small amount. If you don’t have it, you can also put on a hand cream that you usually use, but not too much.

3. If the surface of the wallet is stained with milk or other beverages, you must first use a clean cloth or sponge to soak dry. After grease is applied, you can wipe it with a dry cloth, and then clean it with a detergent to remove the grease.

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