Can I get a quote from the OEM leather factory directly with the bag picture?

by:JIYALI     2021-05-10
Many customers directly sent pictures of their bags and asked for quotations before they started chatting online, which made the reception and customer service of the leather goods factory a little confused. JIYALI has often encountered such a situation, but it is impossible to quote a customer based on a picture. Why?

Because it is difficult for the leather goods factory to determine the material used in the bag based on the picture of the bag alone, each bag is composed of different accessories and leather materials with different price ranges, and the lining used in the bag , Hardware, leather, other accessories, as well as the size of the bag, and the complexity of the style are all factors that affect the overall price of the bag. Only one or two pictures will not allow the leather goods factory to give you an accurate quotation.

If you have a bag sample and you need to find a leather factory to customize the bag, then it is recommended to provide the real thing to the factory for quotation, which will be more accurate. But if there are only pictures, then we have to discuss the details of the bag in depth, including size, fabric, hardware, leather, and bag style details.

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