Can I bring my wallet on the plane? Does it matter if I bring my wallet on the plane?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-15

Everyone knows that there are a lot of specialties about flying, and wallets are also something we must bring when we go out. So if we bring our wallets on the air, it should be a point that many people are curious about. The following editor on No.5 tells you can I bring my wallet on the plane?

Can I bring my wallet on the plane?

If there are no prohibited items in the wallet, I can bring it on the plane.

During the security check, you have to take it out for inspection, just pass the machine, but don’t put anything that is more dangerous or can cause misunderstanding by the service staff, such as nail clippers, small blades, etc., in your wallet. Even if you put it in, they will let you take it out during the security check. This kind of dangerous goods can’t be carried with you. If you just put money and cards in the bag, you can carry it with you!

Which style of wallet is good?

First, zipper wallet

As for the zipper wallet, many people think it is more suitable for women. In fact, it is not necessarily, but the zipper wallet for men is also particular about it. For women, they have more small items, so when choosing a zipper wallet, they may choose more layers, but for men, it is better to choose a single layer, otherwise the look will be a bit stale ~

Men’s use of zippered hand bags, first of all, the first feature is convenience! Especially when I often encounter some small change and don’t know where to put the coins, at this time, the function of hand-holding the wallet comes out. And sometimes the mouth of the jeans is relatively narrow, so you can put your mobile phone in your wallet.

Second, horizontal wallets

The most common types are horizontal wallets and vertical wallets. For horizontal wallets, what are the benefits? The main thing is to put Money is convenient. Everyone may not feel so deeply. The previous hundred-yuan bills are longer than the current ones, so many people like to use horizontal wallets. Although the hundred-yuan bills are a bit shorter now, if you put more, they will still be horizontal. The wallet is easier to use.

This wallet is mainly simple, but it shows high-end temperament everywhere. The first is the material of the wallet. The leather texture can still be clearly seen. At the same time, there is no too much decoration on the wallet. Only the thread connecting the leather mouth is exquisite in workmanship, which highlights the high-end leather.

In addition, the wallet is a vintage color, which is more suitable for young boys. After all, the colors of many leather wallets are a bit old-fashioned. I believe most people will like this retro type.

3. Vertical wallet

We just introduced the horizontal wallet, now let’s introduce the vertical wallet. Relatively speaking, the vertical wallet will have more colors and look narrower. Many people find it convenient to put in their pockets.

But it’s worth reminding everyone that when buying a vertical wallet, it’s best to choose a reliable store. After all, some of the quality is too poor, and you can’t even put a hundred yuan bill in it. I really want to cry without tears!

How to choose a wallet

1. In terms of carrying, friends usually wear very few clothes in summer, and summer clothes are average There are no pockets, although the pants will have one or two pockets, but after all, it is inconvenient to walk and the pockets will be large. Short wallets are easier to carry, and in terms of capacity, it depends on the specific wallet. The wallets produced by various manufacturers are different. There are multi-functional, simple and practical.

2. In terms of fashion taste, young people now generally like long men's wallets, which seem to be more advanced than short men's wallets. In terms of fashion image, long wallets are more fashionable and tasteful than short wallets. And now the long design is very user-friendly, you can put a mobile phone, and now no one will have a mobile phone by his side.

3. Differences in different seasons. Long and short men’s wallets can be purchased from the perspective of their own hobbies. If you want to be convenient to carry, you can buy a short one. In summer, long wallets are not easy to store, and short wallets are different. Just stuff them in your pocket. , And from a fashion point of view, long styles are more suitable for men nowadays.

Top ten wallet brands recommended

1 Louis Vuitton LV (Louis Vuitton was founded in 1854, Paris, France)

2 Gucci (ten Big wallet brand, started in Italy in 1923)

3 Lee wallet (started in 1889 in the United States, a century of history)

4 Levi’s (brand started in 1853 in the United States, jeans’ ' Originator')

5 Anna Sui (Top Ten Wallet Brands, Brands Originating from the United States)

6 Boss Boss (Hugo Boss was founded in 1923 in Germany)

7 Lacoste (top ten brand-name wallets, France in 1933)

8 São Paulo Polo (founded in California in 1910, a world-renowned brand)

9 Goldlion (China's well-known trademark, Goldlion Group Co., Ltd.)

10 Mickey Mickey (brand originated from the image of Mickey Mouse created by Disney in 1928)

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