Can green wallets be used? Isn't it good to use green for wallet?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-15

Many people are very concerned about the color of the wallet. You must choose an auspicious color, so that it will be more helpful in wealth. The following editor on No.5 tells you that green wallets can be used?

Can the wallet be green?

The wallet can be green. The wallet, as the name implies, is a bag that hides (zhang, tube) money. Many people buy wallets only for the styles they like, but you know that the color of the wallet is also very particular.

Green wallets mean auspicious and safe, but green wallets are a little weaker in terms of fortune, but for those who like green, green wallets are also very good, green will bring you Fortunately, it also brings wealth.

The meaning of the green wallet

The meaning of the green wallet: auspicious and safe

You may know that more lucky colors are golden yellow, because many auspicious colors The colors used in objects are mostly golden yellow, such as Buddha statues, lucky cats, etc. These are all auspicious things, but what we rarely know is that green is actually an auspicious color. Green is different from golden auspiciousness, which is relative to money, and green auspiciousness is relative to safety. For some people who pray for safety, the green wallet is your best choice.

Common colors of wallets

1. Red: It is a warm, impulsive, and powerful color. It means a deficit, which means that it is easy to spend money and cannot save money.

2. Green: The refreshing, ideal, hopeful, and growing image it conveys. Blue is a broad color, and the vast scenery of the sky and the sea is blue.

3. White: high-level, technological imagery. Black has noble, stable, technological imagery. The color of many technological products. Gray has a soft and elegant imagery, and it is an intermediate character, which can be accepted by both men and women. .

4. Blue: Blue represents water, which means that money will flow away like water. It is also a color that is not suitable for wallets.

5. Black: Black represents calmness and can hold money, that is, gather wealth and not easily lose money.

Wallet maintenance method

When cleaning the wallet, you need to choose a cleaning brush or a clean cotton cloth according to the material of the wallet, so as to ensure that the wallet will not be damaged by the wrong cleaning method.

If leather wallets are wiped with leather cleaner, the lens cleaning cloth for glasses is generally a cheap and easy-to-use helper. It will not scratch the wallet, and even application can restore the luster of the wallet. And the commonly used pencil and ball-point eraser with gray and white at both ends can be used as a cleaning tool for the suede bag. If it is slightly dirty, it can be gently wiped off with the white eraser used to erase a pencil; serious The dirt can be removed by rubbing one end of the gray eraser of the ball pen. The reason is that the friction is strong, but the hand should be lighter to avoid damage to the wallet.

For cleaning nylon bags and cloth breads, you can gently press the surface of the wallet with a damp cloth that does not drip. Except for silk, silk and satin bags, you can try to clean the toothbrush with toothpaste for partial cleaning. . However, wallets of any material should be kept in a ventilated place to dry after cleaning. Don’t take them to the sun just for quickness, because the wallet after scrubbing with clean water is the most vulnerable when it is exposed to sudden high temperature. , Will cause the wallet to fade or the leather becomes hard and brittle.

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