Can a handbag manufacturer process leather men's bags for free proofing?

by:JIYALI     2021-05-19
Can a handbag manufacturer process leather men's bags support free proofing? I believe that there are many customers who want to know, whether it can be proofed for free, its prerequisite is to see the number of orders, for example, if there are more than 100 customized leather men's bags, free proofing services can be provided, of course, it is not ruled out. Some manufacturers provide more preferential services in order to attract customers.

The real purpose of the customer wanting to make a sample is to understand the leather goods manufacturer’s handwork and quality. It is also not ruled out that other customers will let the leather goods manufacturer directly send the existing samples to understand, so that you can understand the manufacturer’s knowledge clearly without sampling fees. Workmanship, the best of both worlds.

Does the free proofing mean that the leather factory can make proofs directly without paying? In fact, this is not the case. The factory is required to pay the sample fee for proofing in the early stage. After confirming the sample, place the order at the manufacturer. The sample can be used as the payment for the bulk goods, and the sample is used as the bulk goods. This is the cooperation method. Of course, it must be satisfied. The MOQ for free proofing can be used for free proofing.

Many customers imagine that the model of free proofing is not to pay the sample fee and directly let the factory proof, but there is no free lunch under the world, and handbag manufacturers need to pay a certain amount for proofing Cost, almost no leather goods manufacturers do not need to pay the sample fee and give customers free proofing.

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