British Marks u0026 Spencer will launch environmentally friendly fabrics at any time

by:JIYALI     2021-07-30
UK Marks u0026 Spencer is now the largest retailer of high street fair trade fabrics. They grow cotton for environmental protection needs.   In September, the first designer Emily Todhunter suddenly burst out the concept of environmental protection. She launched the organic fabric series products she designed for O Ecotextiles, a company specializing in social and ecological textile processing.  All fibers are non-toxic processed, using natural fibers from hemp, bamboo, manila hemp, flax and silk, and even the pigments used have organic certificates.  The process of growing these fibers is organic, and then spinning, weaving, dyeing, finishing, avoiding the use of pesticides and chemicals, and there is no need to waste a lot of fresh water.  Processing textiles causes pollution, and the wastewater discharged from textile factories every year contains potentially toxic chemicals. Interior designer Hugh St Clair has launched his Zanzibar series, which is a group of products made of hemp fiber fabrics. This fabric is called the ideal interior decoration fabric by him. It is made into door curtains or curtains and hung up. very beautiful.   The recycling of old curtains and fabrics is another environmental choice. Charity shops and curtain exchange shops are very helpful for such environmental protection activities.
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