Briefly describe the materials needed in the process of luggage processing

by:JIYALI     2021-05-10
There are many materials used in luggage processing, including fabrics, linings, linings, zippers, glue, sewing threads, hardware accessories, and so on. Let me give you a brief introduction to the luggage processing factory.

Luggage fabrics are the materials used on the surface of the bags during the processing of the bags, including leather, PU, u200bu200bcanvas, pvc, etc. The lining is used to make the material inside the bag, including canvas, non-woven fabric, chemical fiber cloth, pu, etc. Lining is used to set off the fabric. Commonly used linings are cardboard, non-woven fabric, artificial leather, sponge, pearl cotton, vigor glue, PC board, etc. However, adhesive paper and glue are used to fit the package components, including double-sided adhesive paper, PU glue, universal glue, and raw glue. Glue is flammable, so you need to pay more attention to it during use. Sewing thread is also used to sew bag components and is a very important material in the processing of bags.

After a brief introduction, do you have a general understanding of the composition of the bag? It seems simple, but in fact, it takes many processes to make a bag. As an excellent luggage processing factory, we are confident to make every product better!

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