Briefly describe the commonly used materials in the process of processing bags in women's bags processing plants

by:JIYALI     2021-05-11
With the development of society, the types of bags now can be said to be diverse and changing with each passing day. Many women are dazzled when choosing. We often see genuine leather bags, patent leather bags, frosted leather bags, Oxford cloth, cloth bags, etc. on the market. There are so many varieties. What are the types of female bags? Let's learn about it with the handbag factory.

Generally speaking, it can be roughly divided into three types: leather bags, PU fabrics, fabrics

1, leather bags

we often I heard that the price is more expensive, higher than other materials. In addition, the size of the bag is generally small, usually made of animal fur, cowhide, pig skin, etc., we often see cowhide bags. The fabric is very strong, has many styles, and is cost-effective, but the price is expensive. Only a small number of female bag processing factories choose such materials.

2, PU fabrics

PU fabrics are widely used, mainly used as fabrics for luggage, clothing, shoes, vehicles and furniture decoration, etc. This is also a female The package processing factory chooses the most fabrics. It is a kind of artificial leather, the price is not the same, but the style is diverse and the plasticity is high.

3. Fabrics

As for the use of fabrics, leisure bags should be the most used, because it has good flexibility and is lighter on the back. Be crushed. This kind of material is also one that can often be seen in female bag processing factories.

According to the introduction of female bag processing factories, there are now more and more types of bags. When customizing, you can choose the right material according to your actual needs and the types of customized bags.

The above are the three materials that are often used in the process of processing bags in women's bags processing factories. I hope that friends in need will be helpful in choosing materials.

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