Basic knowledge of the production process of female bag processing factory

by:JIYALI     2021-05-24
Women's bags are playing an increasingly important role in daily life. Many consumers even regard bags as indispensable fashion accessories. But how to distinguish a high-quality bag, but not all consumers can easily do it!

In fact, in the handbag industry, there are many quality requirements that are universal! If consumers understand the process requirements and quality standards of these women's bags processing factories, they will undoubtedly be of great benefit when buying bags by themselves! Take an ordinary backpack as an example to see how our female bag processing factory requires quality!

1. The license plate during the processing of women's bags: Generally, the needle is started at the bottom of the card, and the needle should be heavy 2-3 stitches when narrowing, and the line should be 7-8 stitches per inch. The line is required to be smooth and smooth. , The mouth is even and can not be skewed. Users can observe the stitches around the logo of the bag to find the problem!

2. Bone pulling for processing women's bags: the stopper should be uniform, the corners should not be wrinkled, the four corners should be uniform, and the bag aggregate should be close to the core of the bone, and no bone fracture should occur.

3. Putting the front bag: The front pinhole must be covered, and the needle must be started at the center of the circumference or bottom. The four corners of the bag should be parallel and symmetrical.

4. Winding up: The stop must be uniform and uniform, paying special attention to the direction of the upper zipper. The chain stickers coming out of the car should be flat and not waved.

5. Bargaining: It must be aligned with the car, the zipper must not be opened, and the double line between the two lines must be even and straight. The barge effect will directly affect the quality of the buried bag. Too long or too short will cause the buried bag to be crooked or wrinkled. In principle, try to bury the bag before concealing the thread, so that it can be produced when it is suitable.

6. Chess technique stickers: The car lines are uniformly aligned with the hooks, the burrs are parallel to the top and bottom, and cannot be skewed.

7. Double-return edge wrapping: The edge of the wrapping spigot should not have large and thin edges, discounts, or tire blowouts, and the corners should be round and smooth.

8. Install the head cover: For the needle position car, it must be balanced, not skewed, the line must be straight, and the spigot must be uniform.

9. Install side pockets: pay attention to the direction of the slider. When pulling the zipper, the slider should be in the direction of the front panel. The bag should be square at four corners and parallel to the top and bottom.

10. Car strap: Pay special attention to the square card and the center line. Under normal circumstances, the length of the square card is 1.5 inches. The center line must pass through the intersection and cannot be bent. The flanges on both sides of the square card should be uniform. Finally, the narrowing thread should be overlapped.

11. Car triangle webbing: Under normal circumstances, do not use square card webbing, put it into the triangle material for half an inch, and use square card webbing, put the triangle material about 1 inch.

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