Bangladeshi leather companies urge the government to cancel import tariffs on raw hides

by:JIYALI     2021-08-01
Although the Bangladesh Commercial Bank and the government provided financial support, the raw hide industry is still in a very bad situation during Eid al-Fitr this year.   Therefore, local shoe factories will be forced to import raw hides from India, the United States, Brazil and Russia. The price of locally produced raw hides will increase by more than 80%, while the price of imported leather will only increase by 60%.   The purchase volume of Bangladeshi raw hides decreased by 15% compared with the previous year. The main reason is that the typhoon affected the slaughter of livestock.   In a typical year, the number of raw hides purchased is 1.8-2 million, and the amount of goat skins is 3.5-4 million. This year, the number of raw hides decreased by 200,000, and the number of goatskins decreased by 500,000. The tannery can only purchase 200 million square feet of raw hide.   Currently, manufacturers have to increase the prices of raw cowhide and wet blue leather by 10%. In view of the current situation, leather companies urge the government to abolish import tariffs on raw hides, especially raw hides from India. They said that only in this way can the Bangladesh leather industry maintain its competitiveness in the international market.
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