Bangladesh Leather and Leather Goods Chamber of Commerce Strengthens International Market Competitiveness

by:JIYALI     2021-08-08
A few days ago, according to the data provided by the Bangladesh Export Promotion Agency, as of June last year to May this year, leather product exports increased by 63.83% during the same period, and the export value reached 1.3644 billion U.S. dollars. New buyers from developed countries are becoming more and more optimistic about the market. Real estate shoe manufacturer. The Bangladesh Leather and Leather Shoes Exporters Association stated that we not only produce shoes designed by buyers, but we also produce footwear products designed by ourselves, which will help us enhance our products' competitiveness in the international market. Due to the growing demand, many companies have begun to produce high-end leather products. Leather products exported include kun bags, belts, wallets and gloves. Many foreign buyers and brand retailers have shifted their orders from China, India and Brazil to Bangladesh for processing in order to reduce production costs. The former chairman of the Bangladesh Tannery Association said that the country's sufficient raw leather materials have provided a guarantee for the development of the industry. Together with the government's support for the export of the industry, the export of the leather industry will increase substantially in the next two years.
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