Bangladesh Export Processing Zone will soon build an industrial sewing thread factory

by:JIYALI     2021-07-30
An industrial sewing thread factory will soon be established in the Karnaphuli Export Processing Zone (EPZ) in Bangladesh. The investor is American u0026 Efird (Bangladesh) of the United States.   This project is jointly developed by the United States and Sri Lanka, with an investment of US$7.222 million. After the project is completed, the plant can produce 13 million tubes per year.   After doing detailed research, such as labor costs, raw material supply, and other requirements for building the factory, the company finally chose Bangladesh as the best place to host the project.   This sewing thread factory may create nearly 115 job opportunities for locals in Bangladesh. The Bangladesh Export Processing Zone Management Committee and American u0026 Efird (Bangladesh) of the United States reached an agreement on November 27.
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