Authoritative release | PANTONE releases 2020 autumn and winter color trends: 10 key colors and 4 classic colors (2)

by:JIYALI     2021-05-18
Following the previous article 'Authoritative Release | PANTONE Releases 2020 Autumn/Winter Fashion Color Trend: 10 Key Colors and 4 Classic Colors (1)And the Four Classic Colors (2)' is the article introduced next.

- 09-

Peach Nougat

PANTONE 14-1220

The nourishing nougat peach powder embraces everything with a seductive warm feeling.

Jonathan Cohen2020FW-10-Magenta Purple, Magenta Purple

PANTONE 19-2428

Magenta Purple is a hypnotic purple Tune, charming and charming.

e1972 2020FW


Pantone 2020 autumn and winter popular colors

4 classic colors

The core colors of this season are either unique or as the basis of a rich color story. Just as comfortable. -01-Almond Oil White, Almond Oil

PANTONE 12-0713

- 02-

Deep Blue, Blue Depths

PANTONE 19-3940

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- 03-


PANTONE 16-3916

- 04-

Olive army green, Military Olive

PANTONE 19-0622

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