Authoritative release | PANTONE releases 2020 autumn and winter color trends: 10 key colors and 4 classic colors (1)

by:JIYALI     2021-05-18
With the opening of the 2020 Fall/Winter Fashion Week, Pantone Color Institute, the world's authoritative fashion color forecasting agency, has recently released the most representative report on the fashion color trend of the 2020 Fall/Winter New York Fashion Week.

   The fashion color trend report released by Pantone for the fashion industry is your guide to get important color trends in the coming season. This report contains 10 key colors and 4 classic neutral colors. It is predicted that designers in New York Fashion Week will see these colors when they introduce the new autumn and winter collections.

  According to the color experts of the Pantone Color Institute, the fashion colors of the 2020/2021 autumn and winter New York , People want to have the interest in the classic colors of the season. The timelessness and flexibility of these colors convey a certain degree of practical function, and at the same time they are unique and outstanding color declarations. These colors encourage creativity and practicality, reflecting the changing mentality of today's consumers. They prioritize value and permanence over color choices, because the colors chosen today may disappear tomorrow.


PANTONE releases 2020 autumn and winter color trends

Top 10 Key colors and 4 classic colors

   Pantone Color Research Institute Executive Director said: 'The 2020/2021 autumn and winter color series provide a rich story, emphasizing our focus on flexibility and timelessness. The yearning for color. Our color series removes the superfluous and reflects 'less is more'. For those consumers who put value and practical functions first, this is an increasingly important mentality. 2020/2021 autumn and winter colors Full of power and individuality, it inspires us to express our continuing desire to express our unique self through creative and extraordinary visual statements.'


   The colorful colors of autumn and winter 2020 are accompanied by the core colors of the season to create a fresh classic color series.

- 01-

Amber light orange, Amberglow

PANTONE 16-1350

Amber light orange is a brilliant autumn orange color, which enhances self-confidence and promotes creative self-expression.

Christopher John Rogers 2020FW

- 02-

Samba red, Samba

PANTONE 19-1662

Samba red is a coquettish and sensual red that brings high energy.

Self-Portrait 2020

- 03-

Sandstone brown, Sandstone

PANTONE 16-1328

Earth-flavored sandstone brown and nature are connected together, which is a rustic outdoor.

Angel Schlesser 2020

- 04-

Classic Blue, Classic Blue

PANTONE 19-4052

Classic Blue is an endless blue hue, so People think of the vast expanse of twilight, opening up a world full of possibilities for us.

Bottega VenetaCollection RTW Fall 2020

- 05-

Glossy green, Green Sheen

PANTONE 13-0648

Glossy green presents an optimistic sense of rebellion. It is a bold, acidic yellow-green hue that is always outstanding.

Christopher John Rogers 2020FW

- 06-

Pink brown, Rose Tan

PANTONE 16-1511

Pink brown is a soft dark pink, giving a sense of calmness.

Jonathan Cohen2020FW

- 07-

Ultramarine Green

PANTONE 18-5338

group Teal is a deep blue-green color that exudes confidence and calmness.

Longchamp 2020

- 08-

Fired Brick

PANTONE 19-1337

The burnt brick is a strong and solid color, adding a sense of solemnity.

Jason Wu Collection RTW Fall 2020

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