Argentina starts the winter sales season, various brands are greatly discounted

by:JIYALI     2021-08-07
Recently, Argentine merchants ushered in the annual winter sales season. However, different from previous years, in this year's peak sales season, Argentina's footwear and clothing brands have been discounted from the very beginning, with a discount rate of as high as 30% and 60%. This is extremely rare in previous years.   With the arrival of the winter sales season, stores of most clothing and footwear brands in Argentina have begun to offer discounts with lower discount rates than usual. According to the situation of previous years, the peak sales season in winter usually starts in July, and merchants usually launch preferential activities at a discount rate of 20% and 30% when they just enter the peak sales season. However, in this year's peak sales season, Argentina's footwear and apparel brands started aggressively, launching activities at a discount rate of 30% to 60%. This situation is extremely rare in previous years. What are the reasons that prompted Argentine merchants to fight when this year’s peak sales season just came?    In this regard, a local mall manager said that first, last year’s inventory pressure was greater, and shoe and apparel merchants hoped to At the beginning of the peak season, there are big discounts, so that the stock can be cleared as soon as possible; second, this is actually a sales strategy of shoe and clothing merchants, but this strategy has been widely used this year. To attract the attention of customers and drive the sales of other products.   The main commercial streets of Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina: Corrientes Street (CORRIENTES), Santa Fe Street (SANTAFE), Cordoba Street (CORDOBA), Florida Pedestrian Street (FLORIDA). These are high-end commercial streets with high grades and high prices, but the quality is guaranteed. The cheap commercial districts include ONCE and MAIPU, where shops are mainly run by Koreans and Jews, with cheap prices and average quality. Florida Pedestrian Street (FLORIDA), this commercial street is less than 2 kilometers long, narrow and crowded, but some of the country’s famous brands and old businesses are all gathered here, as well as many famous companies in the world such as London and Paris. The semicolon established. There is a dazzling array of colorful products, such as dance halls, nightclubs, restaurants, theaters, etc., which are bustling all day long, and it is known as Broadway in South America. Plaza Dorrego in Sal Telmo, the old part of the city, is like going back in time every Sunday. Antique stalls are surrounded by old buildings, phonographs, old phones, watches, crystal lamps, etc., which are usually only seen in museums. Treasures, you can see and touch them here.  Argentine leather products such as leather clothing and shoes are of good style and high quality; fur clothing such as mink, fox, and otter are also more famous, and their prices are much lower than those of Europe and North America.
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