Are Chinese style bags good-looking? Chinese style bag pictures

by:JIYALI     2021-07-10

I believe everyone wants to know about Chinese style bags. Generally, there will be embroidered elements, adding some representative Chinese style patterns, they will look very special and very temperament on their backs, and now the Chinese style is also A trend that is very popular all over the world.

Xiuya flower embroidered bag

In the past, the bags decorated with flowers always gave a sense of vulgarity. When the flowers were on the fashion stage, the girls realized that the original floral-element bags can be so trendy and cumbersome. Embroidery craftsmanship is a deduction of classical beauty. In the season when flowers are dying, such a bag on the back is dazzling enough.

The splendid scenery of flowers and clusters is all reflected in the bag. The rich colors make the monotonous backpack no longer boring, combined with the shiny velvet material, it is the retro style to the end. , So that simple wear can look a lot more delicate, not to mention the romantic flowers, which can bring out the feminine breath of your body.

Smart Bird Embroidery Bag

The birds in the air always give people a sense of freedom, conveying the atmosphere of freedom, how can designers who are thinking jumps give up such elements, so they will The bird and embroidery are combined to become an embellishment on the bag. When designing, it is not forgotten to keep the most aura of the bird.

The most characteristic part of the bird is the plump wings, which are embodied by embroidery, which can restore the layered wings, which is very smart. The next second The bird seems to fly out of the bag, combined with different colors of embroidery thread, the bag presents rich colors and looks extraordinarily gorgeous.

Gorgeous Koi Embroidery Bag

The koi swimming in the water are increasingly appearing in major social software. They are considered to have a transfer effect. In fact, they are full of Chinese flavor. Fish was considered a symbol of wealth before. When the koi carp becomes the decoration on the bag, it not only looks gorgeous and unusual, but also brings good luck to the girls.

Such rich koi, as an embellishment of handbags, can't be better, even if it is a strong female, encounter a bag with embroidered elements, it can instantly become feminine When you look up, it looks feminine, and the complicated embroidery craft package can make you stand out from the crowd and show your unique taste.

These bags are dizzying and full of unique Chinese flavor. If you want to make your side different, of course you have to try it.

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