All Pakistan Textile Mills Association requires the government to provide high-quality cotton seeds

by:JIYALI     2021-08-12
Akber Sheikh, president of the All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) Punjab Association, called on the Prime Minister to ensure that farmers will be provided with high-quality cotton seeds during the planting season this year.   He made the above appeal at an interactive meeting between APTMA and Farmer Representatives of Pakistan Farmers Association.   He said that the supply of cotton cultivation in Punjab is chaotic, and government departments have problems with the adoption of biosafety agreements and intellectual property rights.   He said that the representatives of the agricultural front and the textile industry have carefully studied the issues related to the cotton yield in 2008-09. He said that the textile industry has digested almost all the cotton produced in the country.   Participants agreed that it is very important for both parties to cooperate to resolve issues of mutual concern. The meeting decided to make recommendations to the government and implement some measures as soon as possible to ensure a bumper cotton harvest next year. These measures include water conservancy resources in cotton fields, ensuring water conservancy resources and increasing production by at least 15%, the government providing qualified cotton seeds, and formulating pest control measures, including timely provision of high-quality pesticides and dissemination of cotton seed information. The president of APTMA said that the meeting also agreed to propose to the government the importance of introducing qualified BT cotton seeds, so that the cotton output can be increased to 20 million bales in the shortest time, meeting the needs of domestic industries, and eliminating the textile industry’s burden on imported cotton. rely.
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