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by:JIYALI     2021-06-28

Many small partners like backpacks in their daily lives because they are comfortable and practical~ I am also a backpack madman, and I have bought backpacks of many brands, large and small. For my daily life, the essential points of a backpack: high value (good looking is the key point), good price (refusing to eat dirt) and durable (to be a powerful pie with good looks) The following are the ones I have used or are currently A collection of backpack brands used for your reference.

Affordable backpack brand recommendation


The leather is really super beautiful, I think all the colors are pretty good. There is a three-dimensional zipper pocket on the front, left and right pockets, a zipper pocket and an iPad pocket inside, and a main compartment layer. In addition to the student party, it is also very good for commuting or shopping. The first one I bought was 15 years, and the price was nearly 400. Now the Little Red Book Welfare Club has activities only 199!


It looks pretty common, but the more you look, the better it looks. It appears in many street shots. I think this petite sister paper direct mini style is enough. The back has shock-proof foam, and it can be carried on both shoulders. Large capacity. There is a special treatment iron wire on the mouth of the bag, which can be shaped and super convenient. The lowest price of the Little Red Book event is less than 200, and now it’s very cost-effective even in the early 200s~


Domestic original brands, bags are all More youthful and lively type. But I prefer her denim series, which is more individual and neutral. Boys can also carry it. Very portable. The price is about a hundred.


British small tide brand, the print design is very beautiful, more casual. The bags in her house follow this trend line, and the colorful feeling is particularly photogenic. The bag is not too big, and A4 paper is barely enough. It is not suitable for carrying heavy objects and can be taken within 200 in the event.


It is also a domestic brand with a relatively fresh feeling. The whole is plant-based, and the bag is not too big, and it feels more square. The outer pockets are snap fasteners, which can be detached~the inner bag has many compartments, and there are elastics on the sides to hold umbrellas or cups. The price is in the early 100s

[Lola's homemade]

This bag belongs to the funny girl~ It is more suitable for the girl paper to escape~ such as that Astronauts, the main inspiration comes from the fantasy and vision of the universe when they were young, the dream of becoming an astronaut, flying into outer space and flying to the moon. The zipper is anti-theft ~ high school students can also use it, it can be put in the book properly ~ the price is about 150.

[Print Tree]

Art style. The bags are basically box-shaped, with a frosted feel and a special shape. If it is dirty, wipe it with a wet wipe, I recommend this because it can be matched with a small storage bag. It's great to carry it when you go out, because the storage is very clear, just like a suitcase, you can find it in different categories when you open it. Big bag + small bag is about 170.


Natural and comfortable feeling, you can carry corduroy in winter, and denim is strongly recommended in summer! It can hold books for daily life , Wallet, iPad, etc. Memory fabric / water repellent / YKK zipper / Duraflex ladder button, I think the materials used in her house are very good. And the cowboy’s back is getting more and more sensation~ The price is usually in the early 200s, and it is nearly 200 at the event.

[He Er]

The last recommendation is End with a leather backpack. Simple and practical, it feels like you can't go wrong in any occasion. Most of his bags are relatively soft and feel good. There is a sandwich inside. The disadvantage is that the capacity is relatively small, which is more suitable for decorating clothes or odds and ends.

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