800 textile workers from Iran take to the streets

by:JIYALI     2021-08-13
At the Farnakh textile factory in Qazvin, western Iran, 800 workers took to the streets to protest against the factory’s lack of wages and New Year’s bonus for two months. Before privatization, this factory was the largest textile factory in the central and eastern regions.   The factory management asked the workers to send a three-person representative to negotiate, but the workers refused the management's request to prevent the security personnel from arresting them after identifying the representative. The workers asked the boss to meet all the workers in the mosque.   After the new year of Iran, many Iranian workers have not received wages, but prices have increased rapidly. Recently, large-scale labor protests broke out in Iran due to increasing economic pressure on workers.   Iranian resistance activists call on labor organizations and trade unions, especially the International Labor Organization, to condemn the anti-labor policies of the political and religious regime and the repression of Iranian workers. They urge relevant organizations to support their demands for justice.
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