5 problems that e-commerce custom bags need to face

by:JIYALI     2021-05-17
The Internet has a strong communication advantage. For companies, it can be regarded as a completely transparent market. If the company runs well, it can develop rapidly. If the company has a 'bad reputation' on the network, the network can also be used. Put the enterprise into the 'cold palace'. With the demands of drastic market changes and competition, online sales finally have an opportunity to 'emerge' in the leather goods industry. And, as a form of online marketing, is the e-commerce model that makes the fast-moving consumer goods industry like a fish in water, suitable for the leather industry? Then, we must understand the five problems that exist in the e-commerce model for leather goods.

Product style problem

This may be a very big problem faced by leather products in online sales. The display effect of the picture on the Internet and the actual appearance of the product will be somewhat different, and the appearance of the bag directly affects the consumer's favorability of the product to a certain extent. Consumers sometimes cannot see the physical products through other channels. In this case, when leather goods companies sell products on the Internet, the photo styles should be as consistent as the physical products.

The problem of store reputation

The reputation of the store is first reflected in the quality of the product. 55% of users are most worried about the quality of the product when shopping online. The quality of the shopping is what they buy. If the quality is not reliable, the purchase will lose its meaning. It can be said that the credibility of an online shop is first established on the quality of qualified products. In addition, the company's brand awareness is also an important factor in attracting consumers. These two factors will even have a decisive impact on consumers' online shopping.

After-sales service issues

Even in physical stores, the after-sales service of bags is always concerned by consumers. For the Internet, consumers have not seen it before buying Products and good after-sales service can make consumers have a higher degree of trust in bag products. How to display and feel the service system that makes consumers trust and feel at ease has become a thing that leather goods companies must do with heart.

Payment method issues

In recent years, complaints about payment methods have been occupying a very large proportion in online sales complaints. At present, some payment tools such as Alipay are generally used on some online shopping platforms such as Taobao. Such tools are relatively safer. If companies intend to get involved in online sales, they need to choose a safe, secure and suitable one. Combination of payment methods.

The issue of transportation method

The transportation method has become a very critical issue. After the merchant has reached a product transaction with the consumer online, it must determine the transportation method of the product with the consumer If it is because of the mode of transportation that causes consumers to be dissatisfied with the business, this transaction will be a bit more than worthwhile.

JIYALI believes that these problems can also be encountered in the process of online sales in other industries. They are not just examples of the leather processing industry. For leather goods companies, the domestic leather processing industry It is still an industry with high 'opportunities'. Every channel change is a test. The key is to see how the company adapts to current events.

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